Your First Appointment

At your first appointment we’ll go over intake paperwork, I’ll answer any questions you may have, I’ll ask you some history questions, you’ll share with me your story, we’ll talk about your concerns, and together we’ll make a plan to achieve your goals.  The purpose of this appointment is to see if we’re a good fit for each other and to talk about how I can help you/your family.

60 minute initial assessment – $100

Individual Sessions

One-on-one sessions may look like traditional talk therapy or play therapy depending on age, need, and development.  Thoughts, experiences, and behaviors are addressed in these sessions.  Depending on the client’s needs these individual sessions range from 45 mintues to 1 hour.

45 minute session – $75

60 minute session – $100

Family Sessions

Caregivers, siblings, spouses, family members are a huge part of one’s treatment and recovery.  I think of the client as just one piece of the puzzle.  While that one piece is making changes and evolving it needs to still “fit” with the rest of the puzzle.  In these sessions we may work on issues such as discipline, expectations, consequences, trust, compliance, communication.

60 minute sessions – $100

Group Sessions

Group structure and topics differ so please contact me to learn more about available groups.

90 minute sessions – $50 per person

Non-Custodial Parent Supervised Visitation

Supervised visits are for non-custodial caregivers or family members who need visits with their child/children supervised.  Depending on duration, time of day, and location this fee varies.


Clinical Supervision

Social workers seeking professional licensure needing supervisor contact hours.


No Show/Late Cancellation Fee

If you miss your appointment or fail to give a 24-hour cancellation notice, you will be subject to a fee.

$50 per session



I am now accepting Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Many clients prefer not to use insurance.  Here are a few reasons: Insurance requires a mental health diagnosis for reimbursement, this becomes part of your record.  Insurance dictates and limits treatment such as type of service or number of sessions allowed.  Insurance can access your session notes and records.

Some insurance plans have out-of-network benefits.  I can provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance company.  They may choose to reimburse you for your visit.  Call your insurance provider to ask about your out-of-network benefits and how to submit a superbill.

For those choosing to use health insurance, rates will depend on the insurance provider, plan, and benefits.  As a courtesy, we will contact your insurance provider and notify you of your fees due at each visit (deductible, copay).


Cash, Check, Credit Card, Debit Card, Health Savings Account cards