Individual Counseling


Sarah O’Keefe takes pride in her ability to tailor techniques and interventions based on your needs and development to help you feel comfortable, express your feelings, build a positive trusting relationship, and develop new healthy skills.

Young children often come into counseling due to problematic behavior, school issues, aggression, worry and fear, sadness, recent loss/change, or trauma.  In my office, children will enjoy the fun casual environment where they’ll find a puppet theater, a sand tray, dress up clothes, arts and crafts, paint, games, and play-doh.  One commonly used technique with children is called play therapy.  Children communicate and express their feelings best through play.  Toys represent words and play represents language.  Through play therapy, children can express their thoughts and feelings, process experiences, and learn more effective strategies for managing emotions and problems.   Click here to learn more about how play therapy works.

Sarah often works with teenagers who struggle with self-esteem, school pressure, parent conflict, relationship difficulties, trauma, loss/grief, perfectionism, anxiety, depression, substance use/abuse, and suicidal thoughts.  Some teenagers feel comfortable talking while others prefer to explore their feelings through music, art, or writing.

Sarah enjoys working with adults experiencing anxiety, depression, loss/grief, trauma effects, and substance abuse.  Adults she sees typically engage in traditional talk therapy but accommodations can be made if there are communication barriers.