Serenity Counseling, LLC offers a variety of behavioral, emotional, and mental health services. Services are available for children ages three and up, adults, families, and groups.  Individual, family, and group counseling is available as well as non-custodial parent supervised visitations and clinical supervision for social worker licensure.


Individual Counseling

Are you or a loved one experiencing anxiety or depression?
Is your child dealing with aggression or fear?
Does your teenager show signs of substance abuse or suicidal thoughts?

Serenity Counseling is well equipped with a variety of techniques and interventions best suited to meet your needs in therapy. Creating an environment where you feel comfortable expressing your feelings, building positive trusting relationships, and developing new healthy skills is her top priority.

Young children often come into counseling due to problematic behavior, school issues, aggression, worry and fear, sadness, recent loss/change, or trauma. Children will feel comfortable at Serenity in the casual environment where a puppet theater, a sand tray, dress up clothes, arts and crafts, paint, games, and play-doh are there for exploration. 

One commonly used technique with children is called play therapy. Children communicate and express their feelings best through play. Toys represent words and play represents language. Through play therapy, children can express their thoughts and feelings, process experiences, and learn more effective strategies for managing emotions and problems.

Click here to find out more about how Play Therapy works.

Services are also available for teenagers who struggle with self-esteem, school pressure, parent conflict, relationship difficulties, trauma, loss/grief, perfectionism, anxiety, depression, substance use/abuse, and suicidal thoughts. Some teenagers feel comfortable talking, while others prefer to explore their feelings through music, art, or writing.

Adults will also benefit at Serenity Counseling. Counseling is available for those experiencing anxiety, depression, loss/grief, trauma effects, and substance abuse. Accomidations can be made for those who have difficulty with traditional talk therapy.

Family Counseling

Do you wish your family relationships looked different?
Do you often have feelings of exhaustion, guilt, or dread?

At Serenity Counseling, we specialize in helping families get through the hard times. Serenity often helps families with parenting and discipline techniques, improving communication, setting boundaries, co-parenting, or strengthening connections/relationships.

In family sessions, you and your counselor will explore underlying causes to problematic behavior and together we’ll work through solutions to improve communication and help the members of the family find peace and security. The hope is that caregivers move from a state of helplessness to confidence, children feel loved and trusted, parents feel respected by their children, and families find harmony and serenity in their home.

Your care will be tailored to your family’s needs, strengths, personalities, dynamics, and culture.

At this time, Serenity does not offer pre-marital, marriage, or couples counseling but are happy to assist you with referrals.

Non-Custodial Parent
Supervised Visitation

Are you a parent looking for supervised visitation?

If custodial parents are unable to find a trusted support person to supervise visits between the child(ren) and non-custodial parent, Serenity Counseling may be able to help. Our office is a fun, comfortable, safe, and neutral environment. If you are needing a formal/restrictive setting, we can provide you with referrals.

Clinical Supervision

Are you looking for a supervisor for your LCSW?

Supervision services for new clinicians working on their LCSW licensure requirements is also available. Interested candidates can visit the Tennessee Department of Health Professional Licensure page to find out more about the requirements for LCSW status. Supervision spots are limited so inquire today! Supervision rates are listed on the Rates page.