Sarah J. O’Keefe, LCSW is the founder/owner of Serenity Counseling, LLC.  As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, she works with children, adolescents, teens, adults, and families to help them process emotions, solve problems, and develop healthy skills to gain satisfaction and peace in their lives.

She started her own business in the summer of 2017 after becoming a mom for the first time.  While she enjoys the obvious perks of being her own boss, she wanted to start her own practice to give clients quality services with the individualized attention they deserve.  She was tired of impersonal care, questionable standards/care, and a push for quantity over quality to meet quotas.  Now she has the freedom to set higher standards.  She is invested in her clients and business.

Sarah is professional and takes her work seriously but also believes humor and fun have a place in counseling, especially when working with children and stressed out families.  People would describe her as genuine, enthusiastic, honest, empathetic, hard-working, passionate, sensitive, personable, and trustworthy.

Working with children and adolescents is her passion.  She believes that early experiences shape our future and she feels privileged to help young people work through difficulties so they can have success in all areas of life.  Family work is important to Sarah with the kids she sees because they use those family relationships and experiences as a foundation for their future.  It’s cliché to say, but children are our future.  She wants our future to be healthy, confident, and well adjusted.  She delights in helping children express emotions in healthy ways, teenagers find confidence, adults create balance in their life, and families enjoy each other.

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Minnesota State University Moorhead and a Master of Social Work degree from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN.  She has been in the helping field working with children and families since 2005.  She previously worked in the areas of child abuse prevention, community mental health, residential treatment, and private practice before starting Serenity Counseling in 2017.